Major changes this week!

Some major changes this week! First major change is I moved back home! It has been painful having to do most things for myself but I think it will help my surgery recovery. I get my neck brace off in a week and I am so excited! I can’t wait to start returning to a normal life. Pain is still an issue but hoping the stronger I get the easier it will get! Another big change…………. I started eating a mainly plant based diet! I feel great and excited to start making all the new recipes I have found. I also have read some inspirational books which I plan to review this week. How is everyone’s week so far? 


My Etsy Find

I ordered these fantastic soaps off of Etsy and I can not wait to try them! They smell amazing and they even sent a sample also. This was the sampler pack. I told them just to pick the best selling soaps and I am so happy with their choices. You will see by the picture  that these soaps are beautiful and smell even more amazing! I received one rosemary and mint soap, one eucalyptus, lavender and mint soap, one peppermint soap, and a free sample of crisp apple rose soap. I am so impressed with my purchase and I encourage you to check them out also. I do not receive any profit, I am just a happy customer. Check out Emmet Street Creations:

Emmet Street Creations Etsy Store


I will keep everyone posted on how much I love them after I use this wonderful smelling soap. This is my first product review but will not be my last. What is everyone’s favorite Etsy find? I would love to check them out, so, please share.



What essential oils could I not live without?

As I was editing my monthly order of essential oils, I started thinking about what oils I use regularly and would miss if I did not have in my life. So, here is my list of oils that I feel I could not live without:

  • Eucalyptus oil: I love the smell of this. It is not an oil that I use everyday but it is one that I love when needed. I use it for many things. I rub it on sore, tired muscles (I dilute it with fractionated coconut oil). I also have used it in the shower when I have had congestion. I also have put it on the bottom of my feet before bed when sick with a cold.
  • Frankincense oil: I do not use this everyday mainly because it is expensive. I have used it on my face to help with wrinkles. I have used it to help with scarring. I have used it in my diffuser mixed with other oils for different reasons. I have used it when I feel mental fatigue or when feeling depressed. This oil is so versatile and I absolutely love it!
  • Grapefruit oil: This is an oil that I diffuse many times a week first thing in the morning. I mix this oil with other invigorating oils to promote a sense of alertness. My main reason for diffusing this oil is that it helps me wake up but I have found it helps curb my hunger some too.
  • Lavender oil: This is one that I use on a daily basis and could not go a day without it! I usually diffuse it but some days I just use a roller ball on my wrists or feet. I love the smell and love how it promotes a sense of relaxations.
  • Lemon oil: I love this oil and use it many times a week. Lemon oil can be used in cleaning products. I also diffuse it to help purify the air and uplift my mood.
  • Lime oil: The company I am an advocate for gave this too me for free last month and I love it. I use this as a mood lifter.
  • Marjoram oil: I use this one occasionally for tension. I usually make a blend in my diffuser when I am stressed out or having an anxiety attack.
  • Peppermint oil: This is an oil that I often use many times a week. I usually just rub it between my hands and cup my hands around my face then breathe it in. I do this when I need an afternoon pick me up.
  • Roman Chamomile oil: I use this oil about once a week. I use it blended with other oils in the diffuser to promote calming of my mind and body.

There are some oils that I use regularly that are particular to the company I am an advocate for and if you are interested in learning more about those, let me know. When going through my oils I was not expecting to have such a long list of oils that I use often but I now realize that I have such a routine of essential oils and would be lost without them. If you are interested in samples or learning more about how to purchase them at wholesale prices, you can email me at



February Goals

Today is Sunday meaning it is time for me to plan my weekly goals but it is also the first of the month tomorrow and that means I need to set my monthly goals. Here it goes:

Goals this week:

  • Mail out 3 more essential oil samples (Let me know if you would like a free sample)
  • Plan a Make and Take class
  • Walk each day
  • Eat healthy each day
  • Be more patient with my cranky, hormonal 13 year old daughter
  • Wake up each day and reflect on positive things before starting the day


Goals this month:

  • Gain 3 more essential oil team members
  • Teach at least 1 class
  • Get my neck brace off
  • Go back to work
  • Start building my strength back up while following surgeons orders
  • Share my love for essential oils at least twice a week.
  • Lose 5 pounds


Excited to start the new week and even more excited for the new month. Next month at this time I will be out of my neckbrace and hopefully returning to all normal activities!

Growing my Team

Do you enjoy using essential oils? Do you enjoy learning everything about essential oils? Would you like to be able to purchase oils at wholesale prices? How about earning free products and a commission each month? If this sounds like something you would like then joining my team is for you! As you may have learned from my past blogs, I have made a goal for myself that involves sharing my love for essential oils to others. I have also decided that the month of February will be my month to grow my customer base and team size. If you are interested email me at or comment and I will contact you.