Major changes this week!

Some major changes this week! First major change is I moved back home! It has been painful having to do most things for myself but I think it will help my surgery recovery. I get my neck brace off in a week and I am so excited! I can’t wait to start returning to a normal life. Pain is still an issue but hoping the stronger I get the easier it will get! Another big change…………. I started eating a mainly plant based diet! I feel great and excited to start making all the new recipes I have found. I also have read some inspirational books which I plan to review this week. How is everyone’s week so far? 


Goals for Next Week

I like setting goals for myself and so far I have been doing pretty good at my 2016 goals. BUT I decided if I want to really succeed I need to set weekly goals also. There is so many things I could be getting done that I do not seem to get done. As stated in previous blogs, I am off work recovering from spinal surgery. I have a lot of time on my hands. I still get in lots of pain but if I do things in bits and pieces, I know I can manage to complete the goals I set every week. I am also going to schedule these goals on my calendar and I can feel accomplished as I complete them.

*Send out 3 samples to people who have shown interest in essential oils.  If you are interested in learning more about the essential oils I love or find out how you can become an advocate and earn free products each month, email me at .

*assemble samples to give out during the weekends dance convention

*Walk everyday

*Start counting my calories again, watch what I eat while using my weight loss essential oil blend (if interested email me

*Try making one of the shampoo recipes I have read in a blog

*Be happy and focus on the positives!

Do you set weekly goals? If so, what are your goals this week?



The Blessings in my Life

I awoke this morning feeling crummy. Whole body hurt, feeling depressed, and so sick of being in this stupid neck brace.

I was having the whole pathetic poor me experience. But then I remembered how many blessings I have in my life.

Although I am still recovering from spinal surgery, I lived through the surgery and I was able to use my arms and legs.

One of the biggest changes in my life has been using essential oils and I am so glad I was introduced to them.

I put in a blend in my diffuser of lemon, peppermint, grapefruit, and frankincense. This is one of my new favorite combinations. I personally love the smell, although I go light on the citrus smells because I am not a huge fan of overly citrus smells. This combination tends to lift my mood and increase my energy level.

Now that I am no longer feeling down and have a little more energy, I realize how silly it is for me to always think about the negatives in my life. I have so many positives in my life. So, as I sat there breathing in the aroma of my essential oil blend, I looked around me. I had my dad there taking care of me and although, I am not at home with my husband and dogs, I am lucky to have family take care of me. Then my cousin called and we spoke for an hour. I realized how lucky I am to have a cousin that I am so close to. She is not only my cousin but my best friend or sister.

This afternoon my daughter will be home from school and even though she is 13 years old who hates me half the time, I am lucky to have a healthy, beautiful, smart child. Tonight, my husband will be coming over to help me shower and visit with me. I am lucky to have a husband willing to do those things and work so hard to provide for us.

I have realized that during this recovery period from spinal surgery, I need to take the time to reflect on my blessings. From now on, every morning, I will put in an uplifting essential oils blend in my diffuser, and I will reflect on my blessings. Life is to short to always focus on the negatives.

I love my life and even during the hard times, I plan to stay focused on the positives!