Loving life

It is amazing how the power of positive thinking and aromatherapy can change your life. I wake up everyday by thinking positive thoughts and journaling. I also read every night and I make sure it is something that will give me some personal growth. This has changed how I view certain situations. I am able to stay amazingly calm during arguments with family and during stressful situations (ex: negative news regarding my health and career). I have also gained this confidence in myself I never had. I even took on a challenge to move up in my essential oil business! So, my goals for this week are to network more and share my love for oils. I also plan to really push myself to an even more healthier and happier lifestyle! 

P.S. I forgot to mention how I received so many free essential oil products this month from my company! You can too! If interested in joining my team, earning free products and commission, email me at eoaddict@yahoo.com .


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