Stay Determined Part 1

I am pretty darn proud of myself for my determination this week. I made goals and have stuck with them so far. What is that drink I have pictured? (I am just assuming that is what you are asking). That my friends is the new shake mixes that arrived in the mail. I mixed them with almond milk, peanut butter and a banana. Super yummy. This was my first time trying the diet shake mixes from the essential oil company I am an advocate for and I was pleasantly surprised. I am sure you are wondering how this plays into my determination for this week. Well I will explain. I made goals for this week and a big focus of those goals was to make healthier choices. It is Friday and I have stayed strong so far. I have been walking more, although I am still limited due to still recovering from spinal surgery. I had someone drive me to the grocery store and stocked up the kitchen with healthy food. I even weighed myself this week and was shocked when it showed I lost weight since my surgery 2 months ago! Granted most of it is probably muscle loss. I thought I had gained at least 15 pounds but am relieved that I haven’t. I plan to continue this willpower and determination through the weekend. As for the other goals I had set, I will update you on those in my next post. What are your goals for the weekend? Did you accomplish your goals this week?

*if you are interested in purchasing this shake mix at wholesale prices you can email me at for information. I also have essential oils samples still available for anyone interested in trying the oils first.



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