Using Essential Oils

There has been so much controversy regarding MLM essential oil companies and safe usage. I will state that I am an advocate for one of those essential oil companies! At one time I thought companies like this were a scam but then a friend introduced me to the oils and the company. I fell in love! I love that I not only get to share my love of these oils but I can earn free products and commission. I have one major rule that I follow and that is to make sure everyone I hand samples to or that purchases from me, knows how to use these oils safely. I honestly believe that anyone selling or sharing essential oils need to do this. People have a tendency to think because it is all natural that it can not be dangerous. This is completely false! Several plants make up one drop of essential oils!

Here are some tips to follow:

  • If you have an allergy to a plant there is a good chance you will be allergic to the oil!
  • Fragrance oil and essential oil are not the same thing. Plus, it is important to read the bottles of essential oil to make sure there is no synthetic ingredients.
  • Conduct a patch test. combine essential oil with a carrier oil and place a little on a small patch of skin. If you start having itching, burning or any other signs of reaction do not continue using that oil. This is for oils that you have never used before or if you purchase a brand you are not normally used to.
  • Test the oils quality. You can do this by placing a single drop on a piece of paper and it should evaporate within an hour with no ring left behind. There are some oils this will not work for, such as Myrrh, Patchouli, Jasmine, rose, and vanilla.
  • Research new oils. I personally, recommend a person research all new oils before using them. Purchase books that you can use for reference anytime a question arises. I have three essential oil reference books that I use often. If you are interested in the books I recommend feel free to ask or email me at
  • Avoid certain oils if pregnant! Some oils can cause bleeding and miscarriage. There are many oils that are safe to use but it is very important to research each oil to make sure it is not one dangerous for pregnant women.
  • Keep essential oils out of reach of children! It is important to treat essential oils as you would medication. Would you leave a bottle of pills laying out where your child could get into them? Just because it is natural does not mean it has no potential for harm.
  • Use half strength with children under 12 and elderly
  • Dilute with a carrier oil. There are some  oils that say can be applied neatly, meaning with no carrier oil. It is up to you if you want to take that risk. I personally believe diluting is safer and less chance to have a painful mishap.

Essential oils can be use aromatically, topically, and internally. Research each oil that is new to you in order to find out how to use it. Not all oils can be used aromatically. Some oils are considered hot oils and will burn your skin if not diluted. Now for the highly controversial issue of taking essential oils internally. The company I am an advocate for has it stated on each bottle which route it can be used and if it is safe to use internally. I personally am not a huge one to use essential oils internally but if you do I would advise putting the oils in a veggie capsule or diluting the oil first.

I hope I have not scared you away because essential oils really are amazing. I was actually a skeptic and now I use them daily! I wrote this post because I feel it is important to make sure people use essential oils safely. When you take an over the counter medication you read the directions first, right? Same should go for essential oils. Essential oils have changed my life and can be used for many things. When I first started hearing about essential oils, I did not realize they can be used to make cleaning supplies or beauty products. I have started replacing all the chemicals in my house with all natural products! If you are interested in learning more about the wonderful essential oil company that I am an advocate for, you can email me at Remember if you become an advocate you can purchase the products at wholesale cost and earn free products.





6 thoughts on “Using Essential Oils

  1. Concur. I feel it is our responsibility to educate and advise with all aspects of essential oils and essential herbs. Too many do not stress the importance of using essential oils, how to use essential oils, and importantly, the safe use and cautions of using essential oils. Thank you for your insightful and educational post.

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