Skeptic to Believer

I will admit that I once thought that essential oils were a fad and that they would not work for me. The week before my spinal surgery I met with my friend, who is an advocate for essential oils. After talking with her, I decided to purchase a start up kit. I did not think I would like them as much as I do and I had no desire to become an independent wellness advocate. A couple weeks after my surgery I bought a diffuser and started researching essential oils. After researching online and books that I purchased, I felt confident to safely use the oils. My friend who sold them to me had also worked with me on how to use them safely but I had become obsessed with learning everything.

Guess what? I went from skeptic to someone who uses essential oils daily! I can not put into words how much I love them. I actually have been so excited to share these wonderful oils with my family and friends! Who would have thought I would believe in the powers of essential oils?

I actually have been doing something I never thought I would do……sharing essential oils with everyone! I am outgoing but hate speaking to groups of people and I shocked myself when I decide I want to start having classes! Problem is I am still recovering from surgery and the recovery is harder than I thought it would be. So, actually running a class at the moment will probably not be happening but I am still proud of myself that I have the confidence to even share how much I love these essential oils with others. One perk of sharing these oils is that I also get free products, products at wholesale, etc. Email me at if you want to learn more about these oils and how you can receive these oils at wholesale prices.



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