Goals for Next Week

I like setting goals for myself and so far I have been doing pretty good at my 2016 goals. BUT I decided if I want to really succeed I need to set weekly goals also. There is so many things I could be getting done that I do not seem to get done. As stated in previous blogs, I am off work recovering from spinal surgery. I have a lot of time on my hands. I still get in lots of pain but if I do things in bits and pieces, I know I can manage to complete the goals I set every week. I am also going to schedule these goals on my calendar and I can feel accomplished as I complete them.

*Send out 3 samples to people who have shown interest in essential oils.  If you are interested in learning more about the essential oils I love or find out how you can become an advocate and earn free products each month, email me at eoaddict@yahoo.com .

*assemble samples to give out during the weekends dance convention

*Walk everyday

*Start counting my calories again, watch what I eat while using my weight loss essential oil blend (if interested email me eoaddict@yahoo.com)

*Try making one of the shampoo recipes I have read in a blog

*Be happy and focus on the positives!

Do you set weekly goals? If so, what are your goals this week?




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