Stepping out of my Comfort Zone

I have decided I need to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to sharing my love for essential oils with others. I have been studying up on safety of oils, proper usage, blending, etc. My essential oil collection has grown substantially in the last two months or so. I love the company that I am an independent wellness advocate for and I want to share that with others. I have been so afraid of speaking in front of others that I have put off doing a Make and Take class or educating people about the great benefits essential oils have. I have decided that sometime with in the next month I will conquer my fear or at least face it head on and give it my best shot. I will have some barriers in my way due to the fact that I am unable to drive due to the neck brace and I am still recovering from surgery. But each day I am getting stronger and I know I can take an hour or two out of my time to share my love for essential oils. Why am I sharing this in my blog? I am hoping someone reading this can give me some tips on leading classes, being confident, and overcoming my fear. So, please leave tips or real life stories of how you have conquered your fears.

If you are interested in learning more about the essential oil company I love please email me at


4 thoughts on “Stepping out of my Comfort Zone

  1. Ohhh, go you! I feel exactly the same – so I don’t have any real life stories, I have yet to find a mentor group that I can hook into…
    I’m keen to hear how you go though – you can do it!

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