Weekend of Success

I have been sitting here reflecting on my weekend! I am blessed to have come this far. My Saturday was busy and I am proud that I made it through everything. Granted I had to take my pain medication in order to survive but I did it. I also made sure I brought my essential oils with me.

Feels so weird to say that because I used to think essential oils were a joke but I will admit now I was wrong.

I am not saying they solve all my medical problems but used along with my prescribed medication I feel that they help ease my anxiety, depression, tension, etc. (I am in no way a doctor and am in no way saying these cure diseases or any other medical claim. I am just stating how they have been helping me.).

Sunday was not as busy but I did get to visit with my dogs that I have not been able to see since my surgery due to still rehabbing. I have missed them and I think they have missed me too.

I am feeling pretty good and I know soon I will be ready to go back to work. Returning to a normal life will be great. I think…..wait I know….2016 will be my year!! I realized as I was sitting at my work Christmas party this weekend that I am blessed to have great friends/coworkers and family in my life. That if 2016 is not a success than it will be me stopping me from succeeding!



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