Trying to focus on the positives

It is selfish of me to say but I enjoyed having my daughter with me all week. Why does this make me selfish? Because she was home with me due to being sick. Having her home with me filled the loneliness I feel when I am by myself. As, I have stated I am home everyday, trapped at home, due to spinal surgery and being unable to drive yet. I miss having a busy schedule of work and taking care of my family. Now I stay home while everyone else is going on with their life and I now struggle taking care of my family……..actually they take care of me. It has been a humbling journey. As I sit here feeling sorry for myself I remember that my goal this year is to smile more and I said yell less but right now I am thinking cry less. So, I have put a cheer blend in my diffuser and decide it is time to reflect on the positives in my life. I am more blessed that I tend to take for granted. I have a beautiful 13 year old daughter, although, very mouthy and moody 90% of the time. I have a roof over my head and food to eat (although my pants are telling me to eat less of that food). I have a wonderful husband who has taken care of me through 2 spinal surgeries. He has shaved me, bathed me, dressed me, fed me, and hugged me as I have cried over something as silly. My parents have given up so much to take care of me during recovery. I am blessed to have a healthy family and a very patient family. I am blessed that I have a job that is willing to hold my position until I am well enough to go back. I also am so grateful that a friend of mine introduced me to essential oils before I had my second surgery. Why you may ask? So, many reasons! One reason, I love how a certain oil can lift my spirits or relax me. Second reason, I love learning each day something new about an oil or an oil blend. Last reason, I have met a group of people who also enjoy essential oils and look forward to becoming better friends with them. Through these group of people, I am learning more about oil safety and I hope to be able to start teaching my own classes one day. I apologize that I turned this into what appears to be a sales pitch but I don’t have much to keep me occupied these days and learning more about EO has brought some purpose in my life. After writing this, I no longer feel sad or depressed because I realize how many great things I have in my life!


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