Goals for 2016

As I scroll through facebook I see all the usual “I just ran 9 miles” or “look at my muscles” or “great workout today” and it makes me feel like crap. I am happy they are going after their goals and I am all for exercise! I used to LOVE to run, I love body combat, I was all about working out and then one day my life changed. I was injured and required a spinal surgery. The surgery was a success but I ended up having some other problems and needing a second spinal surgery. That was a month ago. I am just starting to be able to walk without a walker. I want to be that person I used to be and hopefully after this surgery I will be. I will stop with the poor me because that is not what I was going after in this blog post. Actually, I wanted to go over my goals for 2016 and as my body heals, hopefully, I can start working on another half marathon. Before Christmas my family lost my cousin and it made me think of how many memories he had made in his short life. The loss in our family made me re-think what kind of goals I should set for this year. Here are my goals for 2016:

  • Yell less and smile more
  • Actually listen to my daughter as she tells me an hour long story about what middle school is like. I will no longer do the nod and answer yes or no when prompted.
  • Spend less time playing on my phone and play more board games with the family.
  • Each day I will reflect on what I have to be grateful for because the poor me act I have been doing is not healthy.
  • I am an advocate for essential oils and my fear is leading a class or party. I really struggle speaking in front of groups, big or small. So, my goal is to conquer my fear and lead a class with confidence (or at least pretend to be confident).  If you are interested in learning more about the company I am an advocate for then you can email me at eoaddict@yahoo.com
  • I want to learn one new natural remedy, natural cleaning, or DIY a day. I have found all these recipes to use essential oils to make cleaning products, lotions, etc. Instead of just pinning them on my pinterest, I am going to actually make them.
  • Lastly, I need to eat healthy and lose some weight but I also will not become so strict like I do because life is too short to die hungry.

I realized recently how fast my daughter is growing up and I regret how many times I missed playing with her when she was younger because I was “too busy”. Now she is 13 and half the time can’t stand me. I can not get back the memories I did not make but I can start making new ones. I plan to have fun this year with my family and friends. I know that there will be days that I will be stressed about my job or bills but I need to remember that I will make it because I always have before.

I am curious what everyone else has for 2016 goals or resolutions!



4 thoughts on “Goals for 2016

  1. I feel exactly what you write about when you mention being “too busy” when your daughter was younger. Mine is 9 and I am blessed to be able to homeschool her,( even if she does have dyslexia and a lot of school work can become nightmarish!). When she was younger I was a full time college student with a 4.0 gpa that I was obsessed with maintaining because I had to get scholarships in order to attend. My daughter was always with me but I was always so busy. It hurts to look back and realize that I missed so much time because of a goal that I had. Always too busy, always a deadline.
    Nowadays, I don’t “try to appreciate” those moments..I just do because if I feel myself getting into the auto-answer mode I think back to all the times she did talk to a wall because I was too focused on something nowhere near as important as her, and that usually makes me much more appreciative! I don’t advocate dropping everything to listen to every story..but sometimes kids need us to listen to something that is important to them. If they don’t feel that we listen…they may stop talking, and no parent wants that. There’s my thought for the day : )

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    1. I agree completely. If I could go back and spend more quality time with my daughter I would. 13 years old is a tough age and I wasn’t ready for her to not need me as much as she used to. They grow up too fast 😦


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