I woke up this morning feeling kind of down and tired. My sadness started when I logged onto facebook and noticed all my friends checking into the gyms or working out at home. Why would this make me sad? Because 2 years ago I was running half marathons and then an injury (non running related) turned into two spinal surgeries. I had surgery a little over a month ago and am still in recovery. While all my friends with their perfect lives are losing weight and toning up, I am finally just starting to be able to walk without my walker. Yes, I know so many people have it worse and I should be lucky I am alive. But let me be honest with you, sometimes reading facebook has a way of making people feel like sh@t!

I finally decided to wipe my pathetic tears off my face and do something to keep myself busy. I have been using essential oils for a month now but have not really spent much time experimenting with different mixtures to diffuse. I was looking for a combination that would hopefully ease a multiple of symptoms. My goal was to ease my feelings of sadness, help ease the tension I was feeling, and also increase my sense of alertness. So, I got creative and I was pleasantly surprised at the results. It appeared to help with everything I was striving for and I must admit the scent was very nice. In my diffuser I put: Frankinscence, grapefruit, lemon, and peppermint. I went very sparingly on peppermint as it can sometimes over-power other scents. I am open to any suggestions on any other oil combinations that could help me.


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